Bosh Madness Depths of Medieval Hell Floor Rug

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Skulls. Monsters. Tortured souls. These are the kinds voyages you're in for with our new high-quality Bosh Madness Depths of Medieval Hell Floor Rug. We've replicated this hellish labyrinth and unleashed it into designer rugs that are sure to add a spice of supernatural to any living space.

The rug comes in three sizes and features an intricate design that's woven second by second from top quality plush velour fabric. A low profile height makes this rug easy on the motor functions, while premium heat dye sublimation helps trim out accidental spills and stains for a long-lasting piece worth calling your own.

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  • Made from luxurious plush velour
  • Premium heat dye sublimation
  • Low-profile pile height of .4 inches
  • High-quality non-slip grip Epoxy underside
  • Arrives vacuum sealed - may take up to 24 hours to lay flat. We recommend a light vacuuming to assist in the settling process.


Please allow 7-9 days to receive a tracking number while your order is hand-crafted, packaged and shipped from our facility. Estimated shipping time is 2-4 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Wooni Jeong

Took me 46days (34 business days) which took way longer than I thought, however, they were very communicative and responsive regarding this issue which made me reassured.
However the item itself was a bit underwhelming. The print quality was alright but the finishings does look really cheap in person and was very light and flimsy which doesn’t feel durable. My 50*80 kitchen mat from ikea was more stable and had a good weight to it. It feels more like a padded blanket than a rug tbh.
Also it arrived folded which made tons of crease that are taking ages to get rid of.
I do appreciate the customer service but this rug was really not what I expected with all the money and time. I’m pretty sure not all items would be like here this but this rug just was not it. I don’t know

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